The People's Space

Between November 28 and December 9, C17 hosted an alternative civil society space, known as The People’s Space, at the Howard College campus of the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

The People’s Space served as an open and inclusive venue where national and international civil society organisations were able to network and define their own responses to COP17. Organisations utilised The People’s Space to host events such as conferences, workshops and seminars in an effort to communicate and debate the work that they are doing around critical climate change issues. The People’s Space also hosted a number of musical and dramatic performances relating to climate change. In addition, the space was used for purposes of organising and socialising within the broad civil society community.

People’s Space

Topics covered in the events hosted at The People’s Space included:

  • - Climate justice;
  • - Food sovereignty and food security;
  • - Climate finance;
  • - Climate jobs;
  • - Rivers, forests and dams;
  • - Recycling;
  • - Renewable energy;
  • - Environmental security; and
  • - Climate migrancy.

Vulnerable groups represented at The People’s Space included smallscale farmers and fishers, wastepickers, youth, labour, women and indigenous people, among others.

People’s Space